Here’s how your travel card works!

You can save $300 on almost any hotel reservation but here’s how:

If you book 1 or 2 nights, you may only save up to $50 off their lowest rates.

However, if you book 3 or more nights for 2 adults, you can save $300 on a great resort.

Best of all, you can make your reservation anytime and choose from one million hotels worldwide!

Step 1. To search resorts, you need to register in the travel portal. Simply open the email with your travel card gift, then copy the activation code and click on the link in that email to register in the travel portal.


Step 2. Search your destination and travel dates.


Step 3. After the resorts are displayed for your destination, go to the left side of the page and click where it says “Biggest Dollar Savings”. This will organize the resorts where you can save the highest amount for your stay.

* Keep in mind that all savings are promotional offers. Not every resort may offer high savings but no worries. With one million hotels, you can find great resorts with huge savings all year long.


Step 4. Choose a great resort where you can save the full balance of your card and book it according to your budget.

* If you select a resort where you will not save the full balance of your card, don’t worry. You can book again anytime and save your remaining balance.


Competitor Rates Comparison

A great feature of the travel portal is that it displays the rates of other top booking engines in real time. The rates displayed are the final price they may charge since many agencies do not quote upfront all their taxes and fees. This helps you see what you may pay if you were to book the same hotel through a competitor. 


That’s it! Now register your card and enjoy a wonderful vacation anytime 🙂